After dealing with an unfortunate fire, you are definitely not going to want to have to try restoring your home on your own because of the damage caused by both soot and smoke. Although the smell may be bad, there are additional problems that the soot can cause. In fact, it could cause you and others who live with you to have a hard time breathing.

Restoration professionals who take care of the damages after a fire often take responsibility for cleaning up any of the smoke or soot that is leftover in the home. However, it is a good idea to ask the restoration professionals if they take care of this task ahead of time.


If the soot sticks to areas of the home for too long, it may cause a lot of damage to the paint, carpets and even the hardwood floors. It is visually unappealing and could potentially cause additional health concerns, which is why the problem needs to get handled right away.

It is never a good idea to just attempt to get rid of the odor by spraying a bit of air freshener inside of the property. Covering up the smell is not going to make it go away. If there is still an odor, it means that more cleaning must be done.

Focus on trying to open up all the windows to get a lot of air coming through. Use as many fans as possible. You may even want to ask some of your family members to bring over a few fans for you to borrow so you can get the air moving all around. It would be a good idea to have a dehumidifier running just in case there is any moisture in some of the rooms.

Keep yourself protected during the restoration process. Place a mask over your face so that you do not breathe in any of the toxins that are in the air. Consider wearing a pair of goggles to keep your eyes protected at the same time. Wear clothes that will keep your whole body covered.

Remember that different surfaces may require the use of different cleaning products. The professionals will know exactly what to use to get everything back to the way it was.